How to Get Out of Debt and Stay Out for Good

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Sep 26th, 2013
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Are you tired of being in debt? Do you dream about a life without financial stresses? Do you want to take your future back?

Getting out of debt starts by getting a firm foundation in credit management. Enlisting the help of a credit counselor will help you achieve financial stability. Your counselor will discuss your personal budget and help you develop a financial plan for the future. A counselor will also provide frugality tips and options for saving money through a debt consolidation program.

What to Do After Seeing a Credit Counselor

Once you’ve developed a firm grasp of your budget, the next step is known as debt consolidation. Credit counselors can often connect you with consolidation providers; in many cases, the same non-profit organizations employ both counseling professionals and consolidation professionals.

Consolidation is a win-win practice that relies on the financial clout that a large non-profit organization can have with your creditors. The consolidation provider will contact your creditors and try to get you a better deal on your loan agreements. This means that you can get lower interest rates, waived fees and reduced monthly payments.

The savings achieved through this negotiation will be passed directly on to you, allowing you to pay the same or even less than what you’re currently paying each month to service your loans. This is how companies like CreditGuard of America help you get out of debt.  However, the real savings come with the lower interest rates and improved credit score.

With debt consolidation programs, you can save thousands of dollars and pay off your loan up to six times faster than if you had just made minimum monthly payments. Your credit score will be improved because of the regular monthly payments the debt consolidation provider makes on your unsecured loans. Because of the reduced interest rates, your debt-to-credit ratio will improve, which will send your credit score up even more. A good credit score means that you will be eligible for better rates on home and car loans as well as student loans or other personal loans.

So look into credit counseling and debt consolidation today. The help you receive will go a long way towards achieving debt relief and instilling new habits for a strong, financial future.

Managing Your Debt

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Aug 27th, 2013
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debt management and advice

If debt is burning a hole in your finances, why not eliminate it once and for all? Many people find that even making the minimum payments on all of their debts presents a difficult financial burden. If this describes you, you don’t have to worry any longer. You can get help with debt by consulting with a credit counseling service.

Credit counseling services offer debt consolidation to make your monthly payment more affordable. They do this by negotiating with creditors to waive any late fees and reduce interest rates as well as simply lowering the amount you’re required to pay each month. They will then make those payments for you automatically. All you have to do is pay a fixed amount to the consolidation provider every month, and you will see your credit rating start to go up. Just pay the affordable monthly fee, and you won’t have to worry about debts again!

How Do I Know It Will Be Affordable?

Debt consolidation programs work with you to make sure that you can afford the monthly payment on your debts. You will share your income and expenses with a qualified credit counselor and receive valuable debt management advice such as how to stick to a budget, reduce your reliance on credit cards and ultimately get out of debt quickly. Money management tips are vital to staying financially healthy for many years to come.

Your credit counselor will work with you to provide education to help you avoid future debt and prevent you from getting in a bad situation ever again. You will acquire the tools you need to make smart financial decisions in the future.

Benefits of Debt Consolidation

There are many financial benefits of consolidating your debt. Not only will you be able to pay a more affordable amount each month, but the savings you receive from lowered interest rates and waived penalties can be in the thousands. You can pay down your debt approximately six times as fast as if you hadn’t consolidated your debt, which will free up your life that much sooner. Best of all, however, when you consolidate your debt, you won’t have to be plagued by worry about whether or not you can pay. You won’t have to put up with inconvenient collection calls. Give it a try and get help with debt today!

Debt Consolidation Programs Can Ease Your Financial Strain

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Jul 22nd, 2013
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Increasing numbers of people feel as if they are struggling on a daily basis to keep their personal debts under control and to maintain a strong foundation for their overall financial picture. Falling behind in your debt is an extremely common experience. It can also bring on a feeling that you have significant hurdles to clear, but there is hope for people who are attempting to erase their debt in a responsible way.

Eliminating all of your debts and improving your financial standing is a challenging project, but it is certainly a task that you can accomplish. Adopting a debt consolidation program is an ideal first step in reaching your goal of getting rid of your debt in an orderly and efficient manner.

Say Goodbye to Late Fees and Penalties

Anyone who is dealing with mounting degrees of debt is familiar with the inconveniences that come with late fees on loans, higher interest rates and other penalties related to debt. A debt consolidation program can allow you to bid farewell to those concerns.

Debt consolidation companies like Credit Guard deal with combining all of your existing debts into a single amount. This process permits you to make one convenient payment instead of many separate payments to multiple sources each month. It also allows you to work with a lower interest rate and decreased amounts of fees and penalties. This makes a great deal of difference in your quest to get Credit Guard credit card relief.

Come to Terms On An Agreeable Payment Amount

One of the most important aspects of a debt consolidation program is reaching an accord with your creditors on the amount of money you can afford to pay each month as you strive to eliminate your debt.

Creditors are interested in working with you to find a payment plan that both sides find acceptable. You want to start down the path of eliminating debt so that you can enjoy a greatly improved financial situation. A debt consolidation program can help you find a solution that both sides find appealing. 

Consult With An Expert On Dealing With Debt

The process of going through a debt consolidation program also often includes speaking with a highly capable credit counselor. A credit counselor is trained to answer your questions regarding debt and to offer solutions to your personal money management needs.

Initial consultations with credit counselors are typically free of charge and come with no obligation on the part of the customer. This can be one of the most valuable parts of a debt consolidation program.

Learn Helpful Hints to Manage Your Money

Debt consolidation programs represent an excellent way to get started in eliminating your debt. As you make plans for the future, the programs can also help you gain insights into other aspects of personal finance. They can assist you in learning how to develop a budget, boost your credit standing and ultimately create an advantageous financial lifestyle.

Credit Card Debt: The Dangers of the Fine Print

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Jul 16th, 2013
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The modern credit card is both a blessing and a curse. It provides an easy, reliable way to build up your credit history and prepare for major purchases, but it can also lead to financial ruin if you aren’t careful. Millions of otherwise financially responsible Americans have found themselves in trouble when it comes to credit card debt, with much of this trouble originating in the fine print. Whether you want to avoid these problems in the future or just want to figure out why you’re in the situation you’re in, here are some of the biggest dangers found in credit card contracts.


Penalties present something of a catch-22 to many consumers. They are used overwhelmingly against individuals struggling financially and their effects create an even more dire situation for many credit card holders. OK, so what’s the big deal? You are never late on your payments, so why is your interest rate sky high? Well, that’s because of something called universal default penalties. These are triggered not just by late credit card payments, but by late payments of any kind! That’s right; many contracts stipulate that the card issuer has the right to invoke a penalty if you’re late on your house payment, car payment, or any other payment that might show up in your credit report.

Too Good to be True

To their peril, many Americans see interest rate promotions, fine contract print, and the card application process as one big bore. A few seconds into a wall of text from the card company and you may be able to feel your eyes glazing over. Unfortunately, this gives the major banks a perfect chance to pull a bait-and-switch. They send you a promotion promising ultra-low interest rates, get you to apply, and then approve your application and send you the card. What you may not realize, however, is that you weren’t approved for the promotional rates. You were approved instead for a card with much higher rates, something many consumers don’t understand until it’s too late.


If you read credit card debt articles, you’ll probably be familiar with the following advice: take out a credit card or two and then don’t use them. This is rarely a good idea for a couple of reasons. One, simply having credit cards won’t necessarily improve your credit score. Lenders want to see a history of responsible use and payment. Two, you could wind up paying an inactivity fee. Some companies charge their customers a fee after a certain period of inactivity, ensuring that they make money whether you use their product or not.

Renewal and Rebirth

If you’ve been saddled with credit card debt, perhaps as a result of these tricky clauses, you may want to see what a debt consolidation company like Credit Guard can do for you. Don’t wait until you are out of options. The sooner you get in touch with a debt consolidator, the more they will be able to do for you.

Three Ways to Ensure a Successful Future

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Jul 9th, 2013
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The economic climate is tense and confusing; according to who you ask, things seem to simultaneously be improving… or maybe it’s standing still… or is it just getting worse?

It can be difficult to truly understand the unpredictable financial market, but here are some surefire ways to make sure you and your family are always sitting pretty–whatever the state of the economy.

1. Manage your credit.

  • Have any outstanding debt? Get rid of it, pronto! Take a temporary financial hit to get your credit where it needs to be by paying off larger amounts. Trust me, paying off your credit cards will not only give you more precious financial freedom but will be a massive weight off of your shoulders.

2. Educate yourself.

  • Honestly, this should probably be number one. It is never too late to start building a quality base of information about basic economics and finance. Go to your local bookstore and pick up a couple self help books, sign up for a local course, or find information online. With so many resources, you have no excuse.

3. Find creative outlets to make more money.

  • Remember that kid who mowed lawns, babysat, negotiated his allowance? He found several different avenues to make additional revenue. Now, you don’t have to resort to babysitting your neighbor’s children. Instead, for example, start selling your stuff on eBay. Or, maybe, if you’re crafty, sell your projects on Etsy. The point is to add a little bonus cash to your bank account–even a little bit can make a huge difference.

These three points may seem arbitrary, but they are three outstanding pillars of financial freedom and security. They are small changes that can have an incredible impact on you and your family. Most importantly, they help cushion any unwanted or unexpected blows from a volatile economy. And who doesn’t want that?